Pastor Mark Chin, Senior Pastor


I was born in Toronto, Canada in the last year that the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup. By the grace of God, I was raised in an evangelical Christian home, called by God to repentance from sin and to faith in Christ at a young age. However, I spent much of my late teens and early twenties in growing disillusionment with the evangelical church’s increasingly man-centered ministry, its failure to live the Word of God, and its celebration of cheap grace – a trend that often reduced the visible church to a secular institution or social club that was more about its members than its professed Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. While in professional school, it was the glory of Christ as revealed in His Sermon on the Mount that rekindled a mature desire to serve Christ and to grow in His Word.

In 1994 I moved to Los Angeles and spent the next twelve years working in the health care industry. In 2000-2001 I began attending Grace Community Church in Sun Valley. Since that time I have had the blessing and privilege of being shepherded by godly leadership, of serving the local body of Christ in a variety of areas, and of having my love for Christ and His Bride tested, refined, and rekindled.

In 2004, I began the Master’s of Arts and Biblical Counseling graduate program at The Master’s College. My training under Dr. Wayne Mack and Dr. John Street had a significant impact on my life, stirring my conviction and commitment to the authority, inerrancy, and sufficiency of God’s Word, not merely with regard to church matters but for every aspect of life. In 2006 I transferred to The Master’s Seminary where, over the next several years, I completed the MDiv and ThM programs and the Grace Advance Academy. The purpose of these pursuits was to be equipped with the Word of God and to be mentored and trained by godly leaders for the purpose of serving Christ in the local church. Through this season three simple commitments were refined: Christ alone in all things; the Gospel, the power of God for salvation for all who believe; Live the Word in all things.

In 2010, the Lord blessed me with the gift of a godly wife, Julie, who also has a great love for Christ and the local church. Since then the Lord has blessed Julie and I with two sons, Athan Jeremiah and Joshua Cephas. Compelled by a love for God and for His people, our (Julie and I) heart’s desire is to worship and serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in humble submission to the entirety of His will and Word, by His grace alone, for His glory alone, in every aspect of our lives. To this end, it is our prayerful desire to love and serve the local church, to evangelize the lost, to proclaim Christ to all men, to make disciples, to equip the saints, to help plant churches, and to present every man complete in Christ by His grace and for His glory. For the privilege to do so , we are forever indebted to the amazing grace of God in Christ.

Men whose ministries God has used to encourage my pilgrim’s progress include John MacArthur, Sinclair Ferguson, John Piper, R.C. Sproul, D. Martyl Lloyd-Jones, Wayne Mack, Jonathan Edwards, John Owen, and John Calvin.

Peter Park, Elder

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I grew up in Southern California. When I was younger we lived in Orange County and during my teenage years, we lived in Diamond Bar, which is part of LA County. Even though I went to church as far back as I can remember, I distinctly recall an alter call one Sunday where I was struggling after hearing the gospel. I was convinced that I was not saved and that I needed the gospel, so to the surprise of my pastor and peers at the time (who thought I was saved), I went up and accepted Christ in 1994, during my freshman year in high school. There were many struggles that happened that caused me to mature, but I still had many doubts. If someone asked when I truly started believing the gospel, it would’ve been my junior year in high school.

In 1998, I entered into my first year of college at UC San Diego. I started attending a college fellowship called KCF (Korean Christian Fellowship), which later changed its name to Crossroads. There were a handful of churches I visited that first year, but the one I decided to commit to was a small church plant called Lighthouse Bible Church. The expository preaching from the Scriptures was a stark contrast to what I was used to growing up, and Pastor John Kim was very personable, always reaching out and trying to get to know me. Lighthouse was also the first church to teach me how to study the Bible on my own and the church also encouraged discipleship. Before I realized it, I was growing and being challenged far more than I expected.

The MVP statement was also something that kept our congregation focused on the purpose of why Lighthouse existed. It took close to 13 years before we finally planted our first church, fulfilling the Vision of the church to plant churches. I hope that it was the first of many church plants.

Becoming an elder for LBC San Jose is something God prepared me for through personal trials. Being committed to church and spiritual growth exposed so much of my own pride and indwelling sin that I had to deal with over many years, and I was so fortunate to have loving brothers and sisters in Christ to keep me accountable and also live out the gospel for me to see. My pastors and elders were very patient with me and showed great care in shepherding me and investing in my life, and even though I shouldn’t feel this way, I do feel that there is a great debt that I’ll never be able to repay for all the love that Lighthouse has shown me. That’s why I believe I had to go through the trials that God prepared for me, so that my heart would be soft towards those who are struggling with sin. It is my desire to love others like how God loves us. Being an elder does not mean I have attained any achievement, but all it has shown to me is how God has been very gracious to a sinner like me, that he would use me to shepherd His people in His church. I hope that we would never get tired of listening to the preaching of the gospel, for it is the message that has the power to save.

I am also blessed with two beautiful daughters, a son, and a supportive wife who continues to labor alongside with me in ministry. To me, becoming a husband and father and raising a family is one of the greatest gifts that God has given me. It is wonderful proof of God’s love and mercy to me.

Ted Su, Elder

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I started going to church at the age of six years when my family moved to the States from Japan. That was when I was first exposed to the Bible and gospel message. Even though I continued to attend church regularly throughout my youth and professed to be a Christian, my day-to-day life did not reflect a genuine love and devotion to Christ. It was not until my freshman year in college that the Holy Spirit convicted my heart to finally see that I was still pursuing my own ambitions and glory, rather than God’s kingdom and righteousness. For the first time in my life, I committed to following Christ wholeheartedly as my Savior and Lord.

God would later lead me to San Diego in 2003, where I was introduced to Lighthouse Bible Church. Despite the lengthy and uncomfortable sermons, the genuine love of the people drew me to stay. I ended up getting baptized, becoming a member of the church, and serving in various capacities. Following medical school and residency, I married my wonderful wife Becky, whom I met at the church, and relocated to the Bay Area to join the San Jose church plant.

As I now consider the privilege and responsibility of being an elder at this church, I look forward to supporting the rest of the leadership team in serving and building up the body of Christ. I desire to see Christ exalted, as the gospel performs its saving and transforming work in and through the lives of the people at this church. While my greatest passion is Jesus Christ, I also enjoy spending time with my family, traveling to different places in the world, camping/hiking outdoors, and rooting for Stanford athletics, especially water polo (go Cardinal!). Some of my favorite Christian authors include AW Pink, Paul Tripp, and JC Ryle.

Kevin Au, Deacon

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I’m thankful to be serving Lighthouse Bible Church San Jose as a deacon. I’m looking forward to doing whatever I can to support the leadership of this church so that I can witness God building up His body in the lives of people.

I grew up in the Bay Area, and until late high school, I assumed I had a good relationship with God. My junior year of high school, the Lord opened my eyes to the depths of my sinfulness, but also showed me that I could have Christ’s righteousness through faith. I was saved back then, but it wasn’t until I started attending Lighthouse Bible Church in San Diego that I understood the importance of the local church. I had tried to “do Christianity” on my own for a while, but realized that I was short-sighted, big-headed, and small-hearted. Since then I’ve learned that it is God who established the church and is building it up, and that my place is in it, not outside of it.

I’ve amassed way too many hobbies in my life, but the ones that have stuck are singing, biking, and running, or some combination of these.

Kevin Chan, Deacon

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My name is Kevin Chan. I grew up in the church, but it was in junior high school that God revealed to me the weight of my sin and my need for a Savior. Shortly after, I recognized that I needed to submit to Christ as Lord of all areas of my life.

In high school I was told that college is a defining point for many, so finding a strong Christian community became very important to me. After meeting a handful of camp counselors who all seemed to have come from UCSD, San Diego fit what I was looking for. After hearing a particularly convicting sermon from Pastor John at an on-campus fellowship, I decided to visit Lighthouse Bible Church (San Diego). It was at Lighthouse where I received consistent Biblical teaching and discipleship and saw how God was regularly working in my heart and correcting my faulty thinking.

When Lighthouse decided to planted a church, my fiancée – now wife – Chelsea and I moved to San Jose as another means to live out the Great Commission. Currently serving as a deacon for Lighthouse, I look forward to doing what I can to assist the leadership in the ministry of the Word and seeing God fulfill his work here in the Bay Area.

In my free time, I enjoy learning new and sometimes random skills. Some of these include: basic car services, hair-cutting, programming, crafts, and the Rubik’s cube. I also enjoy a good board game and tennis with friends.

Ryan Chan, Deacon

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I grew up in a small suburb of Los Angeles called Upland, and came to know Christ during my early years in high school. I was introduced to Lighthouse while at college in San Diego, and it was through the Biblical and solid teaching that I received at Lighthouse that I began to mature as a Christian.

Seeing the example set by the leaders and older men at Lighthouse really made an impact on my life; they were consistent in their words and actions, and never attempted to mask their shortcomings. I’m also grateful for Lighthouse because it was at Lighthouse in San Diego that I met my wife, Cindy :) I look forward to serving the church body as a deacon, doing whatever I can to help free up the time of the elders and pastors to study and preach the Word. In my free time, I love to play basketball and fight the NorCal tide by faithfully rooting for the Lakers and LA Kings.

Terence Chung, Deacon

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I grew up in a Christian home and have lived in San Jose for most of my life. Although I attended church regularly throughout my childhood and knew quite a bit about God, Jesus, and the Bible, it was not until I was sixteen that God got a hold of my heart and I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. At that time God helped me to understand that my faith was not genuine as I was living for my own glory and not for His glory. I praise God for saving me and enabling me to see that my worth and joy is found in living for His kingdom and glory.

My wife Christine and I were introduced to Lighthouse by one of Christine’s good friends during the time of our engagement in 2010. We had bought a home in San Jose in preparation for our marriage and thought it would be beneficial for us to look for a new church to attend after getting married. A month after getting married we made our first visit to Lighthouse and decided to stay because we wanted to join the loving community of Christians at Lighthouse who have a high view of God and His Word. I have grown tremendously in my understanding and love of God, His Word, and His people through the teaching and care I have received in the time that I have been at Lighthouse. Also, my marriage relationship with Christine has been strengthened because it is being built on the firm foundation of God’s Word.

As a deacon, I greatly hope that God will enable me to faithfully serve the church and invest in others so I can pass on the greatness of God to the next generation as I continue to grow through the investment God is making in me. I look forward to giving my full support to the pastors and elders as they seek to lead the church by faithfully teaching the Word of God, so that together as the body of Christ we can carry out the M.V.P. of Lighthouse (Mission: to make disciples of Christ. Vision: to plant churches. Passion: to love God and people.)

A few fun facts about me – I enjoy playing the bass guitar and acoustic guitar. I am a 49er Faithful, SF Giants fan (through marriage), Sharks fan, Warriors fan, and Duke Blue Devils fan. I enjoy traveling with Christine. CS Lewis is one of my favorite authors.

Garrett Glende, Deacon

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Originally from Roseville, California, I first attended Lighthouse Bible Church in my freshman year of college at UC San Diego. It was there where I first heard the gospel preached, even though I had been attending church for most of my life. God saved me through the ministry of LBCSD in 2006 and I grew to love God and His church during my college years.

The emphasis that LBC placed on making disciples of all nations led me to take part in the San Jose church plant in 2010. I hadn’t seen myself as someone who would help plant churches until then, but God had different plans for my life. As a deacon at LBCSJ, I’m excited to support the elders and develop deep and meaningful relationships with the members of our church. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Wury, my son, Jordan, and my daughters Isabelle and Jamie. I’m also a huge sports fan and I love to cook and eat good food!

Chris Lim, Deacon

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Hello, my name is Chris and I am ready to run the Christ-servant life with you. As one of the few East Coasters at Lighthouse San Jose, I was born and raised in New Jersey. Through the faithful example of my God-fearing parents, I saw the Gospel in action and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior by my junior year of high school.

In 2007, I started attending Lighthouse Bible Church San Diego and what stuck out to me was the genuine care and love I experienced while interacting with the brothers and sisters. The elders and pastors were unashamed in the preaching of God’s Word and dedicated in the shepherding of the members. Lighthouse was and continues to be a place where I can grow in my Christ-likeness, use my gifts to serve the local church body and call my spiritual home.

I am humbled to join the team of Deacons and my hope and prayer is to faithfully support, care for and lighten the burden of our pastors, elders and their respective family members. I’m also in charge of the welcome team and delight in helping newcomers feel as welcomed as I did when I first arrived at Lighthouse. As far as interests, I love to cook for church members and guests at my home in Sunnyvale. In my spare time, I enjoy playing golf, tennis and watching Korean dramas.