Day 2: God, Our Holy and Loving Creator

Dear church family,

As of Tuesday night, we have just finished our first full day of camp!

On Tuesday morning, we had a sweet day spent at the camp site, full of conversations, crafts, hiking and eating! After breakfast, Pastor Rick taught from Genesis, about God as creator and how He created the world, the sun, moon and even the pesky mosquitoes! We then were able to spend time with the campers helping with crafts and going on a short hike! After dinner, Teddy taught that God created man and woman. We also went through the characteristics of God- that He is good, loving, sovereign, merciful and true. He also pointed to the holiness of God as it says in Leviticus 19:2, “You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy”. Unlike sinful man, God is perfect and cannot tolerate sin, which is why we need Christ to be saved. We ended with a staff meeting and prayers for the rest of the week.

We have been greatly blessed to get to know the campers and staff at Grace and serve alongside one another. It is personally an encouragement to me to see seasoned believers who have been serving faithfully in this ministry for many, many years. Everyone has been so willing to help, from washing the dishes after meals, to getting to know a camper, to helping out with food or crafts. The campers are also so happy and excited to be here. Many of them express their love for crafts and singing praise songs by the campfire. They're all looking forward to the rest of camp!

Alongside the blessings there have been some challenges. At times the conversations with the campers can be challenging, especially going deeper into what they are learning about God. Thankfully Teddy and Ted have encouraged us to continue to pray, asking for love and more opportunities to talk to them about God. And of course the mosquitoes are feasting on all of us again.

Here are some continual prayer requests for us!

  1. Please pray that the campers would be able to see their need for Christ, as we learned last night. That they would truly understand the goodness and holiness of God, and understand that they are sinful human beings (Romans 3:11-12), in need of Christ and the gospel.

  2. As the week continues, the staff will struggle with tiredness, and some discomfort (mosquito bites!!). Pray that through these times when we are physically outside of our comfort zone, to be content, and always have a willingness to serve and love in any condition.

  3. Pray for the staff to trust in the Lord with conversations with the campers, that we would seek opportunities to talk with them about the goodness of God and the gospel. Even when the conversations don’t go as expected, to not be discouraged but to pray for them unceasingly, trusting in the sovereignty of the Lord in their lives.

Thank you so much for walking with us by reading and by praying for us!