Post Baltimore Update #5

I tend to forget how short it has been since our team has gotten back from Baltimore. When we first got back, I remember being extremely challenged to have a stronger boldness in proclaiming my faith and sharing the gospel with those around me.

For those that don’t know, there had been a lot of transition at my job before I left for the trip which meant that I was coming back into those transitions. I was coming back to a new manager and what felt like, a new office. I was reminded of how reserved I was to share why I fought so hard to get PTO to go to Baltimore and I wanted to be able to come back and really share with my heart what I’ve learned through the trip. I share this because the next day I came back from Baltimore, I had to work. What I wasn’t expecting was the opportunity that God placed in front of me to get to know my new manager. He shared with me that he had actually grew up going to church and his grandfather was a Pastor. I was able to share with him about the purpose of me going to Baltimore and what I learned. To this day we still talk about the gospel and scripture here and there throughout the work week and even if he isn’t truly saved, I am constantly encouraged and challenged by our conversation. I even invited him and his family to church and he wanted to visit but wanted me to be there (which is next to impossible because we work the Sundays that the other person is off) but I hope that he will come visit LBCSJ on his own.

Throughout the next 2 weeks, as I saw my coworkers, I had the opportunity to share a little deeper in regard to why I went to Baltimore. As I shared about the kid’s camp and scatter week, they would say “you’re such a good person” and leave it at that. They weren’t interested in hearing the gospel but wanted to know if there were any cool sightseeing in Baltimore. I share this because even though we aren’t in Baltimore passing out tracts, there are opportunities everywhere. We cannot let the fear of man keep us from sharing the great news of Christ Jesus. If I am honest with myself, handing out tracts and sharing the gospel with strangers is easier then sharing with those I know because of my fear of rejection/man.

Please pray that I would be able to show the love of Christ to my coworkers and that they would be receptive to hearing the gospel one day (also that my manager would come out to church to hear the word of God being preached). The trip was such a great reminder that we do not save man but God does. We can only share the gospel to those around us and God will change the hearts of man. I can get easily discourage with the response of my coworkers, but I find comfort in knowing that God is the one in control, not me.