Post Baltimore Update #3

It has now been 3 weeks since we’ve been back from Baltimore. A lot has happened in my life in the last 3 weeks, and what I’ve learned in Baltimore made me better equipped to deal with all of it. Being on a missions trip was a huge blessing that allowed me to put aside the hardships of everyday life. This is not to say that missions was not difficult (believe me, it was), but it was a joyful kind of labor. Being with other believers 24/7, constantly being reminded of the Gospel, and being united in one explicit goal - to proclaim the Gospel - was such a relief from the daily grind of work, eat, and sleep. But that brings the question to mind, “shouldn’t that be how I live my life now?”. Granted, being at work takes me away from other believers, yet it is not that different from being at a subway station proclaiming the Gospel to unbelievers there. God has been reminding me of something that I’ve learned before: true fellowship doesn’t happen by accident. It isn’t enough to just be around other believers; we need to find our identity and mission in Christ, and we do so by proclaiming the Gospel to ourselves and others. I am reminded of this again as I have just returned from a week of counseling at a church summer camp where I experienced the same joy as I had in Baltimore, except this time I was much more prepared to share the Gospel because of all the practice I had in Baltimore. One of the burdens of camp counseling is the desire to see conversion and fruit within the span of a week, but the two biggest lessons I learned in Baltimore are that 1) The Gospel has the power to save, not me, and 2) my job is to plant and water, God will decide if or when He will bring growth. In addition to coming back from camp, I also had some issues at work lately. Thankfully, God has rooted me in His truths so that I could weather this storm, and I can see now that God has used Baltimore to do prepare me. God is indeed both sovereign and good, so don’t ever let anyone tell you anything different.