Special Needs Camp Day 1

As I began to drive down the mountain, I could hear the singing from the campfire circle of “I am in the Lord’s Army” (I am certain that I can hear Carrie’s voice just a bit louder than everyone else).  I leave my family behind to serve as this week will be just too busy to take off from work. Today was a bit of a blur, and I thought it would be best to simply leave you with my observations.

Curtis and I arrived just a bit before everyone else. We had the privilege of playing packhorse and drove up all of the campers’ tents. It wasn’t long before a caravan of LBCSJ folks arrived. What I saw next was an eagerness and willingness to labor for a group of individuals that would probably never understand what was done for their benefit. We had about an hour and a half before the campers would arrive. In that time, eight large 10-person tents and nine smaller 4-person tents were all set up.

Pastor Rick and Janelle arrived next in a large U-Haul. What I saw was appreciation. Appreciation for work already completed that the team from Grace would normally have to do after a six-hour drive while trying to unload all the gear and while setting up camp. Appreciation for the love demonstrated through service.

It wasn’t long before the two vans of campers arrived. Everyone unloaded and was happy to finally be at the campsite. What I saw next was excitement. Excitement as campers reunited with some of the LBCSJ helpers from the previous year. It was wonderful to see conversations pick right back up. I also watched as each of my own children interacted and created relationships of their own.

The camp is barely underway, and I already feel blessed by the experience. I will only have the privilege to attend in the evenings, but I am eagerly looking forward to how God will grow me as well as use me through this opportunity.

The team is planning on daily blog posts, but cell coverage is pretty much nonexistent in camp. The plan is that I will pick up the post each night and send it once I get home. It’s a good idea in theory, but we need to see how it plays out. We might just overwhelm you with four posts on Friday.

In His service,

Rob, Nicole, Theresa, Curtis, & Cora