Baltimore Day 7

Today was our last full day serving with the Baltimore bible church and it was packed. Today was different and filled with a variety of ways to share the gospel to the community. First, we started off the day with the VBS, but as the morning went on we divided into different groups to perform different activities. The girls and Ted stayed with the VBS and served the kids there. Today’s theme was about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. At the end of the camp both the volunteers and kids were sad to say goodbye. We left them with a few gifts which included a bible, and a book the biggest story: how the snake crusher brings us back to the garden. Pastor Mark was on another mission. He went with Pastor George to a local barber to get a genuine Baltimore haircut. There he was able to talk with the barber and share the gospel. Benji and I went out to Penn and North with pastor George and a few other Baltimore members. Penn North was ground zero for the Baltimore riots and pastor George described it as “Mondawmin on steroids.” Before we were all a little nervous about being out in that neighborhood, but once we got there it was not too bad. Maybe we were there on a good day, but God was definitely protecting us. There we passed out tracts and water bottles, and Pastor George did open air preaching. I had the opportunity to talk to a man named Darren. He said he believed in Christ and knew that was the only way to be saved, but it might have been more head knowledge because he didn’t have a true response to the gospel. However, at the time he was on the phone with his girlfriend and she had many questions about what the bible had to say, so I was able to talk to her on the phone. We had a good conversation about creation, God’s forgiveness, and different books to read. In the end she didn’t seem like she was saved either, but she did show interest. At the end I was able to provide the boyfriend with a few passages to go over and prayed that God would save him if it was in His will.

After the morning activities, we went to an assisted living home where Pastor George gave a brief message about the Good Samaritan. His main point was that we can not perfectly follow Christ’s commandment to love Christ and love our neighbor. As a result we need Christ to save us. After the message, we sat with the residents, talked, and shared our stories with them.

For dinner, we met at Pastor George’s house where we fellowshipped together and the people from out of town shared challenges for the week and encouragements to Baltimore Bible Church. It was an amazing time of fellowship and felt like a glimpse of what fellowship might be like in heaven. We became a family over this past week through Christ and nothing else. Christ truly blessed us with team unity, which has allowed us to serve Christ to the best of our abilities.

Lastly, we participated in Baltimore’s Art scape, which is one of the largest art festivals in America. Our main goal was to share fans that Baltimore Bible Church designed that contained the gospel written on them. We passed out around 3,000 fans.

This has been an amazing, sanctifying, and God glorifying day. Today alone I was challenged in trusting God. This has been a theme for the week, but today felt different because we were in different environments, did a few new activities, and was extremely tired. First, I had to trust God with our safety when we went to Penn and North. Another way was to trust in God’s will. It is not us who saves people, but God. All I tried to do was plant a seed. God will take care of the rest. God provided for us today as always. He has been faithful to us and blessed us all beyond measure. Please continue to pray for the team to have a safe journey home and to bring what we have learned home. We do not want to go back to our old ways, but we want to return to our normal lives with the boldness and faithfulness we displayed on this trip, as well as continuing our pursuit to serve God with all our hearts.